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 Latitude: 51.487760                              

 Longitude: -0.091069

 Anemometer height: 60 m

 Owner: Bill Legassick, Southwark Council.

 Contact: Tel: 020 7525 4253 | Fax: 020 7525 5705

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A brief overview will appear here to describe the nature of the site. 

Sensor information

Sensor type Model Date installed
Anemometer  CDL Windset (EC8) 1999
Rain gauge  Campbell Scientific ARG-100 1999

Temperature probe  T107_C 1999
Humidity probe  HMP45A 1999


Archive data

Air temperature (Tair_avg), relative humidity (RH), rainfall (Rain), wind speed (WS_avg) and wind direction (dir) data is available from Southwark from 1999 to present:

Data from 18 March 2017 to present

Data can be viewed and downloaded at this web page (updated daily)

Measurements are made every 2 seconds and averaged over 15 minute intervals. All times are stated in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

Data from 1999 to 18 March 2017

The files listed below contain 1-hour average values in comma-separated variable (.csv) format, which can be loaded using Microsoft Excel or data analysis software. 

Link to file Start date End date Plots
Weather Data 1999.csv   10/05/1999  31/12/1999
Weather Data 2000.csv  01/01/2000  31/12/2000  
Weather Data 2001.csv  01/01/2001  31/12/2001  
Weather Data 2002.csv  01/01/2002  31/12/2002  
Weather Data 2003.csv  01/01/2003  31/12/2003  
Weather Data 2004.csv  01/01/2004  31/12/2004  

Weather Data 2005.csv

(with gap)

 01/01/2005  31/12/2005  
Weather Data 2006.csv  01/01/2006  31/12/2006  
Weather Data 2007.csv  01/01/2007  31/12/2007  
Weather Data 2008.csv  01/01/2008  31/12/2008  
Weather Data 2009.csv  01/01/2009  31/12/2009  
Weather Data 2010.csv  01/01/2010  31/12/2010  

Weather Data 2011.csv 

(with gap)

 01/01/2011  05/11/2011  
Weather Data 2013.csv  11/10/2013  31/12/2013  
Weather Data 2014.csv  01/01/2014  25/08/2014  
Weather Data 2015.csv  03/11/2015  31/12/2015  
Weather Data 2016.csv  01/01/2016  31/12/2016  
Weather Data 2017.csv  01/01/2017  27/01/2017  


Climate Data between 1999 and 2017 (with gaps in csv format):

Climate Data 1999-2017


Notice: Data is not quality-assured and is for indicative purposes only. 


London Meteorological data (LUMA and Southwark).

Software tools

Information and download instructions for the UMEPSUEWS and SOLWEIG models to analyse and predict urban micro-meteorological environmental conditions. 

Our research

This page is maintained by the Urban micrometeorology research group at the University of Reading, UK.