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* A bug may also be caused by [http://hub.qgis.org/issues QGIS]. By reporting bugs (and also maybe helping out to solve them) is essential to the open source community. At [www.qgis.org www.qgis.org] you can find out more on what you can do to get involved.  
* A bug may also be caused by [http://hub.qgis.org/issues QGIS]. By reporting bugs (and also maybe helping out to solve them) is essential to the open source community. At [www.qgis.org www.qgis.org] you can find out more on what you can do to get involved.  
* QGIS: how to report a QGIS issue: [http://qgis.org/en/site/getinvolved/development/index.html#qgis-bugreporting http://qgis.org/en/site/getinvolved/development/index.html#qgis-bugreporting].
* QGIS: how to report a QGIS issue: [http://qgis.org/en/site/getinvolved/development/index.html#qgis-bugreporting http://qgis.org/en/site/getinvolved/development/index.html#qgis-bugreporting].
==Known Issues==
*QGIS (27/September/2017) '''had''' an issue using gdal which causes QGIS to create a minidump when the software is closed. This issue has now been fixed (issue #[https://hub.qgis.org/issues/13061 13061]). Other issues found should be reported to our [https://bitbucket.org/fredrik_ucg/umep/issues repository].
*UMEP plugin is not compatible with matplotlib versions 2.x. Use instead 1.5.x. (23/August/2017)
*Mac users might have issue pointing at non-existing directories. Work around is to manually create directories before starting any UMEP-process.
*Only use standard English alpha-numeric characters (e.g. no space, å, % etc.)
*Issues has been reported using .sdat rasters. GeoTiff are recommended.
==FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)== <!--T:24-->
==FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)== <!--T:24-->

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UMEP: How to Cite

Please use the reference below when UMEP is used:

Lindberg F, Grimmond CSB, Gabey A, Huang B, Kent CW, Sun T, Theeuwes N, Järvi L, Ward H, Capel-Timms I, Chang YY, Jonsson P, Krave N, Liu D, Meyer D, Olofson F, Tan JG, Wästberg D, Xue L, Zhang Z (2017) Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor (UMEP) - An integrated tool for city-based climate services.  Environmental Modelling and Software https://doi.org/10.1016/j.envsoft.2017.09.020

The manual should be cited as:

Lindberg F, Grimmond CSB, A Gabey, L Jarvi, CW Kent, N Krave, T Sun, N Wallenberg, HC Ward (2017) Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor (UMEP) Manual. http://urban-climate.net/umep/UMEP_Manual University of Reading UK, University of Gothenburg Sweden, SIMS China



People Involved & Acknowledgements

Group Institution & Support Acknowledged Team
Sue Grimmond University of Reading, UK
Met Office/Newton Fund CSSP - China
EPSRC LoHCool EPSRC PhD Studentships
EUf7 Bridge EUf7 emBRACE
H2020 UrbanFluxes NERC Case Studentship
Christoph W. Kent
Helen Ward
Ting Sun
Izzy Capel-Timms
Andy Gabey
Fredrik Lindberg University of Gothenburg, Sweden
H2020 UrbanFluxes
FORMAS Climplan
Frans Olofsson
Niklas Krave
Shiho Onomura
Leena Järvi University of Helsinki, Finland
Maj and Tor Nessling foundation
Academy of Finland
EUf7 Bridge
Tom Kokkonen
Jian Guo Tan Shanghai Institute of Meteorological Sciences, SMS, CMA, China
Yuan Yong Chang
Dongwei Liu

How to Contribute

UMEP is an an open source tool that we are keen to get others inputs and contributions. There are two main ways to contribute:

  1. Submit comments or issues to the repository
  2. Participate in Coding or adding new features.
  3. Create new tutorials for the UMEP-plugin.

Reporting a Bug

  • As a good citizen of the open source community please report bugs. If it is a UMEP plugin related issue - report this to the https://bitbucket.org/fredrik_ucg/umep/issues UMEP plugin. You can see if your bug is already reported. In order for the UMEP team to solve your issue as easy as fast as possible, please provide a full description of the problem including steps to repeat it. The more info given, the easier it is for us to solve your issues.
  • Please have a look at Known Issues and FAQ (found below) before submitting an issue to the repository.
  • A bug may also be caused by QGIS. By reporting bugs (and also maybe helping out to solve them) is essential to the open source community. At [www.qgis.org www.qgis.org] you can find out more on what you can do to get involved.
  • QGIS: how to report a QGIS issue: http://qgis.org/en/site/getinvolved/development/index.html#qgis-bugreporting.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question Answer
How do I upgrade the plugin? When a new LTR version is released it will be available from the repository. In QGIS to check for updates, go to Plugins>Manage and Install Plugins....

If the UMEP plugin is in bold, a new version is available. On how to upgrade to the development version, see Getting started.

How do I uninstall the plugin? Go to Plugins>Manage and Install Plugins.... Locate the UMEP plugin and click Uninstall.
How do I install other python packages (e.g. pandas) as well as other libraries not included in the Desktop Express Install of QGIS? Follow the instruction from this link.
MY new raster is just black after using e.g. the Wall Height and Aspect plugin. What is wrong? Probably nothing. Is is just QGIS that scales the a loaded raster by excluding outliers and if you have large areas with e.g. zeros (which you have in the resulting raster from this plugin) it looks like there is only zeros in your new raster. Go to properties of your new raster layers and reclassify your values that should visualized.
Can the UMEP-plugin be used when Nodata-values are present in the input rasters? Yes, it can but we strongly recommend you to reclassify Nodata values to e.g. 0 before using them in UMEP. Here is a forum discussion that can help: https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/12418/redefining-nodata-value-into-zero-in-qgis
Why is UMEP having problems saving output files? Check that your path contains only English characters. For Mac users: the UMEP graphical interface will occasionally want to create a folder instead of selecting a folder. In this case in Save As: write the folder name you would like to save your output, press Save, when it asks “...folder name...” already exists. Do you want to replace it? press Replace.
How is frontal area index calculated in Image Morphometric Parameters plugins? Our method is only using one line through the center of the grid for each wind direction. This is because we rotate the DSM and hence it is only the center line that includes height information. We do this since we are using a pure raster-based approach and if we were to instead rotate the search direction vector we would end up with different lengths for each wind direction. If you want to investigate a certain wind direction I suggest that you use a section of wind directions; e.g. 45 degrees.
How do I report a bug? Report it at the repository
What can UMEP do? Tool Architecture provides an overview
Who has developed this? People involved in development
What are the development guidelines? http://urban-climate.net/umep/DevelopmentGuidelines
How can I uninstall QGIS?

Uninstalling QGIS on a Windows PC is not done via the Control Panel as most other software. To uninstall completely, start the OSGeo4W setup (found in your start menu) and choose Advanced install. Continue until you come up to the window where you can add, remove and upgrade the different packages in your QGIS installation. Click on the small wheel with two arrows next to Desktop until Uninstall is seen. This removes shortcuts and most of the files related to QGIS. However, not all OSGeo products are removed. IF you want remove everything, open your File Explorer and remove the folder manually where you installed the OSGEO products (usually under C:\OSGeo4W64).

How do I ask other questions? There is an email list. Or you can ask them at the repository


Acronym Defintion Comments
CDSM Canopy Digital Surface Model A vegetation raster grid where vegetation heights is given in meter above ground level. Pixels with no vegetation should be zero.
CRS Coordinate Reference System
CRU Climatic Research Unit
DEM Digtial Elevation Model Here, same definition as DTM.
DSM Digital Surface Model A raster grid including both buildings and ground given in meter above sea level.
DTM Digtial Terrain Model A raster grid including only ground heights given in meter above sea level.
ECMWF European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
GIS Geographical Information System
LCZ Local Climate Zone
LST Local Standard Time
LTR Long term release
LUCY Large scale Urban Consumption of energy model
m agl metres above ground level
m asl metres above sea level
OTF On the Fly Used in QGIS when different geodatasets with different coordinate systems are projected in the same automatically.
QF Anthropogenic heat flux
SEBE Solar Energy on Building Envelopes
SOLWEIG Solar and longwave environmental irradiance geometry model
SUEWS Surface urban energy and water balance scheme
SVF Sky View Factor
TDSM Trunk zone Digital Surface Model A raster grid specifying the height up to the buttom of a vegetation canopy in meter above ground level. Pixels with no trunk height should be zero.
UMEP Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor
WFDEI WATCH Forcing Data methodology applied to ERA-Interim data
WUDAPT The World Urban Database and Access Portal Tools