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Site information:

 Latitude: 51.487760                              

 Longitude: -0.091069

 Anemometer height: 60 m

 Owner: Bill Legassick, Southwark Council.

 Contact: Tel: 020 7525 4253 | Fax: 020 7525 5705

 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A brief overview will appear here to describe the nature of the site. 

Sensor information

Sensor type Model Date installed
Anemometer  CDL Windset (EC8) 1999
Rain gauge  Campbell Scientific ARG-100 1999

Temperature probe  T107_C 1999
Humidity probe  HMP45A 1999


Archive data

Air temperature (Tair_avg), relative humidity (RH), rainfall (Rain), wind speed (WS_avg) and wind direction (dir) data is available from Southwark from 1999 to present:

Data from 18 March 2017 to present

Data can be viewed and downloaded at this web page (updated daily)

Measurements are made every 2 seconds and averaged over 15 minute intervals. All times are stated in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

Data from 1999 to 18 March 2017

The files listed below contain 1-hour average values in comma-separated variable (.csv) format, which can be loaded using Microsoft Excel or data analysis software. 

Link to file Start date End date Plots
Weather Data 1999.csv   10/05/1999  31/12/1999
Weather Data 2000.csv  01/01/2000  31/12/2000  
Weather Data 2001.csv  01/01/2001  31/12/2001  
Weather Data 2002.csv  01/01/2002  31/12/2002  
Weather Data 2003.csv  01/01/2003  31/12/2003  
Weather Data 2004.csv  01/01/2004  31/12/2004  

Weather Data 2005.csv

(with gap)

 01/01/2005  31/12/2005  
Weather Data 2006.csv  01/01/2006  31/12/2006  
Weather Data 2007.csv  01/01/2007  31/12/2007  
Weather Data 2008.csv  01/01/2008  31/12/2008  
Weather Data 2009.csv  01/01/2009  31/12/2009  
Weather Data 2010.csv  01/01/2010  31/12/2010  

Weather Data 2011.csv 

(with gap)

 01/01/2011  05/11/2011  
Weather Data 2013.csv  11/10/2013  31/12/2013  
Weather Data 2014.csv  01/01/2014  25/08/2014  
Weather Data 2015.csv  03/11/2015  31/12/2015  
Weather Data 2016.csv  01/01/2016  31/12/2016  
Weather Data 2017.csv  01/01/2017  27/01/2017  


Climate Data between 1999 and 2017 (with gaps in csv format):

Climate Data 1999-2017


Notice: Data is not quality-assured and is for indicative purposes only.